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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Quebec Hockey Teams Can't Wait Until Game, Brawl During Warmups

The Quebec-based Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey blatantly uses fighting as its main draw, so the only surprising part of Sunday's brawl between the Laval Braves and the Saint-Georges Cool FM 103.5 is that the two teams didn't wait until the game started.


The fighting starts around 1:35 of the video. At a certain point, the combination of the punching, the blaring arena horn, and the low-rate EDM makes you forget they're supposed to be getting ready to play hockey.

Officials handed out 112 penalty minutes for the mess. There was only one actual penalty during the game: a two-minute minor for cross-checking.

That wasn't the only punishment, however. The league announced today that Laval's owners Eric Lajeunesse and Dannick Lessard, and CEO Lucien Paquette would be suspended until June 2017. Laval players Clint Butler and Maxime Bouchard are done for the rest of the season and the playoffs. Jonathan Oligny, Philippe Pépin, Chris Cloutier, Joe Rullier, and Steven Oligny also received suspensions. Saint-Georges players initially had suspensions, but they were reversed after the club argued that they were just defending their teammates from a brawl Laval started.

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