Quenton Nelson Fined For Leading With His Helmet On Play Made In Edited Viral Video

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Rookie offensive lineman Quenton Nelson had a highlight go viral this week that featured him hilariously yelling as he drove right into Jaguars linebacker Barry Church. Apparently, during the height of its popularity, the video made its way to the desk of the league’s head office. The NFL announced Friday that it was fining Nelson $26,739 for leading with his helmet on the play, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Colts guard was understandably annoyed with the decision, telling ESPN he was surprised and disagreed with the fine. Nelson’s hit in the video was impressive in it of itself—albeit questionably legal—but it was the cartoonish scream that made it go viral.


The problem that later came out was that the yell was not from that exact play. His “battle cry” came late in the first half, when he was meant to be a distraction during a quarterback bootleg. Still, whoever heard the original audio thought it would be a good addition to the block, and spliced it over the big hit for added effect. The Colts official Twitter account originally posted the video, but has since deleted it. It’s got to be frustrating when your team Twitter’s attempts to get retweets costs you over $25k on a rookie’s salary. Hopefully the social media team has some spare change lying around to help.