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Quincy Douby Scored A League-Record 75 Points In China

Former Rutgers standout and Kings first-rounder Quincy Douby had the game of his life yesterday, putting up 75 points for the Zhejiang Golden Bulls in the Chinese Basketball Association. This is an awful lot of points for someone who averaged 4.1 points per game in the NBA, and it's an awful lot of points for anyone: it's a new record for most points in a single game in the history of the CBA.


Douby did it all in just 35 minutes of play, going 9-15 from three and sinking 16 free throws. Zhejiang won a decidedly offensive game over Shanxi, 154-129. He topped off the night with a ridiculous dunk over the top of Charles Gaines.

You may remember Gaines, a Southern Miss product who played in the D-League, for his one-punch knockout of a CBA player a couple years back. Gaines wasn't too shabby yesterday, putting up 60 points of his own. Shanxi's other American player, Marcus Williams, was suspended last month for marijuana use.

And what of Zhejiang's second foreign player? (Each team is limited to two.) That would be former NBA doughball Eddy Curry, who scored 20 points and grabbed 11 points in victory.