Quinton Dunbar’s Lawyer Says Victims ‘Walked Into My Office’ to Sing New Tune: He Didn’t Rob Us

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Quinton Dunbar, now with the Seattle Seahawks, faces felony charges stemming from an alleged Florida armed robbery.
Quinton Dunbar, now with the Seattle Seahawks, faces felony charges stemming from an alleged Florida armed robbery.
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The already cloudy picture of an alleged armed robbery Wednesday night involving NFL corners Quinton Dunbar and DeAndre Baker has taken an even murkier turn.

Earlier today, Dunbar’s lawyer, Michael Grieco, told reporters he had an affidavit, signed by five witnesses, that he claims would exonerate his client of the felony charges he now faces.

But the signatories weren’t random passers-by, Grieco told Deadspin.

“They’re not just witnesses — they’re the alleged victims,” he said Friday night.


According to the Miami-based attorney, the same four victims and one eyewitness, who police say reported early Thursday morning that Dunbar and Baker had plundered $70,000 in cash and expensive watches, “walked into my office” with an entirely different account of the events than they had given authorities.

Grieco refused to share a copy of the affidavit with Deadspin, but read aloud what he said were excerpts from the document.


“Mr. Dunbar did not directly or indirectly participate in any robbery, or assist in collecting any valuables, at the scene or elsewhere,” read one line of the signed statement, according to Grieco.

“Any robbery or assault with or without a firearm did not involve Mr. Dunbar,” read another line, Grieco said.


The five people who signed the affidavit had told a vastly different story early Thursday morning, according to police. One person at the scene previously claimed Dunbar had been an armed participant in the robbery, with others reporting that he had been unarmed, but was involved in the fray.

Cops are standing by this version of events.

“We have taped, sworn statements under oath from four victims and one witness,” Miramar media relations officer Tania Rues told Deadspin. “No one has come in to make a new statement. So the warrant stands.”


As of Friday night, neither Dunbar nor Baker had surrendered to police. Both men are wanted on four felony counts of armed robbery with a firearm, with Baker facing an additional four felony counts of aggravated assault with a firearm.

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