R.I.P., Daily Quickie

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And, with an oddly muted whimper — did anyone at ESPN even notice it was ending? — The Daily Quickie has shuffled off this mortal coil.

Dan Shanoff ended the nearly four-year morning reign of the Jeez, How Does He Get Up So Early? column today with a simple, "Two Words: Fun. Run."


Not sure what Shanoff's going to be up to, post-ESPN — though it appears that he has some sort of blog thing that would presumably give updates and the sort — or what ESPN will be doing to fill the spot. (The column, and Shanoff's time there, both seem to be ending.)

Whatever your thoughts on Shanoff or the column, as several commenters have pointed out, the Daily Quickie was somewhat instrumental in helping many people find their way to these here parts, so we'll always have a soft spot. We will not, however, adopt the whole "Two. Words" thing. We are far too windy and verbose for that. We wish good luck to Mr. Shanoff and hope he someday sells a big ESPN tell-all where he has to show us where on the doll Tirico touched him.


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