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Raccoon Cheats Death At Yankees Spring Training

Raccoons are attracted to shiny objects, so it makes sense that this Tampa-area raccoon would choose to attend Yankees spring training. Maybe this is the same raccoon as the one who snuck in two years ago to watch the same team practice at the same field? Perhaps. I think, at this point, the evidence bears out that raccoons can’t get enough of the Yankees.

Here is video of our furry friend clinging to the net behind the plate. As you can see, towards the end of his time atop the net, he became convinced by this grounds crew guy that, yeah, okay, he’d leave. However, the grounds dude duffed him right off the net. Prayers up to the raccoon.


But wait! A miracle!

His nemeses returned shortly.


Our hero Shawshanked it on out of there, it looks like, off to a better life, or perhaps to check out another team.


As of press time, the raccoon is still at large.


We’ll update this post if more information becomes available.

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