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Race-Baiting Troll Phil Mushnick Is Really Reaching For Excuses To Be Racist Now

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What’s that cranky old knob Phil Mushnick been up to lately besides scolding Joakim Noah for being an ungrateful black person because Noah said he’s against war? Other race-baiting shit, it seems. Today, he published a column titled, “The sick, disturbing video that ESPN thought was a laugh riot,” which, even for Phil, is an impressive reach for a peg on which to hang one of his worn-out racist diatribes.


It took me a few readings to even figure out what exactly Mushnick was so riled up about, but here’s the deal: He’s mad that ESPN showed pre-game footage of the Michigan-Michigan State game that included some jawing between the players; he’s mad about kids these days; he’s mad about hurricane Florence; he’s mad that ESPN uses graphics that are too colorful because he can’t understand them; but most of all, he’s mad because he’s a hateful, prejudiced hack who probably feels aggrieved that he can’t say the n-word out in the open anymore and consequently seizes any and all openings to barf up Jim-Crow era stereotypes about black people. Here’s what he said about the non-story that was the Michigan-Michigan State pregame footage:

ESPN’s demolitionists went to work Saturday afternoon when its college football studio aired footage of a pregame Michigan-Michigan State turf war that resembled a prison-yard riot on the boil prior to the start of the sanctioned turf war between hate-fueled, adult-guided student-athletes.

When the group hassle ended, Michigan linebacker Devin Bush ripped free of his teammates’ restraints and, like a crazed, escaped beast, ran to the on-field Michigan State logo to tear and scrape at it with his cleats.

Disturbing, sick.

“Prison-yard riot,” “hate-fueled,” “crazed, escaped beast”? Honestly, how does he keep getting away with this shit? Is his editor the ghost of Rudyard Kipling?

Anyhow, the racist part was apparently just to get him going; the rest of the column is him telling the world he’s too stupid and/or senile to comprehend basic ESPN graphics.

ESPN also posted a large graphic that was covered — covered — with multi-colored dots. This, we learned, was Ohio State’s “Pass Plot Entering Tonight.” Given 15 minutes rather than 15 seconds to decode it, let alone draw an enlightened conclusion, was a task assigned by fools.

Someone please put this man in a nursing home.

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