Radio Announcer Ejected From College Basketball Game For Vigorous Gesturing

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On Monday the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay knocked off Valparaiso 99-92 in overtime to advance to the final of the Horizon League tournament. (They beat Wright State tonight, so they’ll be dancing.) Even more astonishing than Valparaiso’s full-court pass to send the game to overtime was the fact that Green Bay radio announcer Matt Menzl was temporarily ejected from the game for, by his description, vigorous gesturing.

Via the Green Bay Press-Gazette:

“I talk with my hands,” Menzl said. “I was trying to describe that we had two guys fighting for the ball, and he took it as I waved him off, like saying that’s a horrible call.

“At first he gave me a warning. Then two seconds later said, ‘I want this guy removed and I won’t start the game until he gets removed.’”


Here you can hear referee Pat Adams yelling at Menzl, Menzl’s confusion and disbelief, and the short period of time where an Oakland University announcer had to take over for him:

Eventually Menzl was able to talk to a Horizon League official and get back to his job.


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