Radio Broadcaster Who Looks Freakishly Like Tim Howard Bumps Into Tim Howard

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According to Greg Matzek, Milwaukee-area radio personality on 620-WTMJ (an appropriate call sign, given most talk radio folks' penchant for gratuitous gab), he's been told hundreds of times that he looks like Tim Howard. He says he was confused for Tim Howard on the red carpet at the 2007 ESPYs—we believe it.

In any event, Matzek had occasion over the weekend to run into Howard, and the world melted down, or something:

About 30 minutes later, having found out our flight to Milwaukee was delayed, we dipped into another sports bar to watch the second half of the game. The same advertisement with Howard aired, and Ryan, Mike and I started chuckling again at my unquestionable likeness to Howard. I also received a couple more texts. About three minutes later, Ryan, who used to play soccer for UW-Milwaukee, looked over my shoulder and said, "excuse me, are you Tim Howard?"

Confused, I turned to look at the man who was five feet behind me eating a salad and drinking a Blue Moon - it was the real TIM HOWARD!

I've been around professional athletes for the majority of my professional career, so I understand the etiquette when approaching them. That all went out the window when I realized my celebrity look-alike was near arms-reach away from me.

"Holy sh**!" I said. "I'm you!!" (nice one Greg).

Read on if you'd like to know how it feels to meet your pro athlete doppelgänger. Having once met Mo Vaughn, I know from experience—it's weird.


The Most Surreal Experience of My Life [620 WTMJ, h/t John]