Radio Dummy On Female NFL Ref: "It's The Wrong Place To Put A Woman"

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Kevin Kiley hosts a morning sports radio show in Cleveland, and today he wanted to talk about the NFL’s decision to hire a female referee for the first time ever. The first few minutes of the conversation, embedded below, are nothing special. Kiley just kind of dances around the topic for a while and asks his guests some stupid questions, but starting at about the 2:30-mark, he gets to his real issues with a woman refereeing an NFL game.

Here’s Kiley:

The objection I have to this is why would you put a woman in that position? To be abused. Now I’m not talking about physical abuse obviously, but I’m talking about—we have comments on Twitter here about when an offensive lineman or somebody unloads profanity on this woman—I don’t want women I care about in that position. I don’t understand it. I don’t understand why you’d put a woman in that position, where she’s going to be criticized and under a microscope, and have to deal with things that no woman should have to deal with.


You’re in a strictly man’s world. In a thing that calls for a lot of “man traits,” if you will, not that they’re better or worse than female traits, it’s just not the right place. It’s the wrong place to put a woman. It’s unfair to the woman.

Cool opinion, guy.

h/t Jordan