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Radio Host Don La Greca Completely Snaps On A Yankees Fan

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YES Network radio hosts Don La Greca and Michael Kay had to endure the complaints of Yankees fan Steve from Brooklyn on Thursday’s show, but La Greca lost his temper after Steve suggested that Yankees rookie Aaron Judge, who’s struggled in the second half but is still an imposing hitter, should have been replaced with a pinch hitter.

Within about two and a half minutes, La Greca goes from asking “Are you a sad person, Steve?” to screaming about how Steve should thank his stars that he wasn’t one of the people killed in Barcelona.


The transcript doesn’t fully capture the emotion, so it’s best to watch the clip as La Greca’s anger builds to the end. Here’s an excerpt to whet the palette:

Take a look at the news. Watch the news for five minutes, Steve, and then tell me that your life is awful. You’re a clown, Steve, and I’m tired of the clown show. Tired of it. You’ve got a playoff team, you’ve got a team that’s won three in a row, and you’re miserable because you love being miserable because that’s what you’re about. You’re a clown, Steve. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of you wasting our time on the air with your clown shoe garbage. Tired of it. Michael might wanna entertain it. I’m tired with it. Lose the number, Steve. Tired. Of it.

I’m a Met fan who has to watch a team, that was supposed to go to the World Series, be 12 games under .500 and you got a playoff team that’s beaten my team three in a row, and you’re complaining about a guy being pinched-hit for or not being pinched for in the ninth inning? Get a life. Watch CNN. You could be, God forbid, a person in Barcelona today. You’re miserable because of Aaron Judge not being hit—pinched-hit for? You’re a clown. Get a life, Steve. Don’t bother my life. Lose the number. You’re banned. You’re not allowed to call anymore.

This is what happens when you emotionally invest in the Mets.

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