Radio Lunk Dan Sileo Loses Three Gigs Within A Year

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When last we left Dan Sileo, the radio host who has a tough time not being racist, he was the main attraction on 97.3 The Fan, the San Diego sports radio station that had to quickly rebrand after its original lineup fell apart. He’s since been tossed from three stations including that one, all within this year, which is honestly impressive.


This past April, 97.3 pulled the plug on him, but he was allowed to remain with Entercom. This happened right after the San Diego Padres were about to permit members of the team to go on his show for weekly interviews. Listeners in the area were not a fan of that idea, or him, judging by the ratings.

Around that same time, Sileo got a slot on Saturdays with Boston’s WEEI. He had been filling in occasionally, as both stations are owned by Entercom, but when 97.3 didn’t want him anymore, he stuck with the new job. He appears to have been canned by May 25.

This latest gig was his most majestic achievement yet. On Aug. 29, Phoenix-based Fox Sports 910 announced that Sileo would be hired to do an afternoon show. That same day, The Athletic wrote an article about Sileo’s past remarks in other jobs. The Arizona Coyotes reportedly weren’t happy with that, and planned to not allow any of their players and coaches to appear on his show. Four days after being on the air, Sileo was gone.

Currently, Sileo is doing his own show on a Twitch channel. Add all that with the three times the host was sacked in 2012 and 2013 for various terrible remarks, and you have one hell of a résumé.

H/t to @ancientcarelord