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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Rajai Davis Goes Above The Rogers Centre Outfield Wall For A Home Run-Robbing Catch

There's a very good chance you've already seen this play from yesterday afternoon, but I'm posting it here a) on the off-chance it has slipped your attention and b) for posterity's sake because holy shit, Rajai Davis! It was a play some Blue Jays fans say they've never seen before, an outfielder scaling and reaching just above the Rogers Centre wall to rob a player (in this case, the Yankees' Casey McGehee) of an apparent homer. And I used the screenshot above because only then, with the image frozen, can one appreciate just how insanely high Davis had to go to make this play.


In the below clip, you get to hear the play called by three different outlets. Unfortunately, the last one is from Michael Kay. Our sincere apologies.


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