Sports News Without Access, Favor, Or Discretion (Insider) has posted an article in which anonymous NBA scouts give their opinions on which NBA point guards are the most overrated. Here's the entry for Rajon Rondo:

Eastern conference scout: "Three years ago, I was the only scout saying Rondo is overrated, and I was crucified for it. I was saying he was awful. I think he's a selfish player. He's only going to pass it to you if he thinks he can get an assist. I've seen him come out for pregame warmups with his shoes untied shooting lefty foul shots. For him to come out for a game with that attitude makes me question his work ethic. I've never liked his game.

"If you play with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen at close to their peak, they're going to raise everyone's game. Defensively, Rondo's a bit of a gambler, and I don't think his defense is all that. If I was starting a team and had my choice of any point guard, he would be 40th. I mean it. I'd take some backups before him."


"He's only going to pass it to you if he thinks he can get an assist." Roll that one around in your brain for a while. He's only going to pass to you if he thinks it will lead directly to a made field goal, the optimal outcome of a basketball possession.

Who started sending Nolan Nawrocki to NBA games?


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