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So the Celtics got hammered down the stretch last night, and, yes, LeBron James made Rajon Rondo do a somersault that probably had Rondo snuggling up to his heat pack after the game. While everyone understandably shovels dirt on the Celtics' grave, however, consider the ease with which Rondo befuddled Mike Bibby and anyone else who tried to guard him. Granted, he's been doing that for a few seasons. If he keeps doing that and his team shoots better, well, you never know. This above piece of legerdemain holds no deeper significance for the fate of Boston. It's merely pretty to watch. And it sure doesn't look like the effort of a guy who's being dumped on for having a bad attitude and walking away from team huddles. A non-competitor, in other words. When you lose, you sometimes get angry, especially if you want to win. Not long ago, Rondo walked into a different team huddle. You be the judge of whether this guy is going to roll over after one embarrassing somersault:

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