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Illustration for article titled Rajon Rondo Says Hes A Nap-Time Decision For Home Opener

Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo's status for Wednesday's season opener is still in question due to a broken hand he suffered after slipping in the shower. Rondo's hand is mostly healed, but there's still a chance he won't be able to go at tip-off. Naturally, people have a lot of questions about his injury, but don't try asking any of them until Rondo's had his nap.

Rondo spoke with reporters after practice today, and he told them they're going to have to wait until after his pregame nap on Wednesday to find out his status. From ESPN:

"When I wake up from my nap, I'll let [reporters] know. Around 4:30," Rondo said. "If I sleep really, really well tonight, and [Wednesday] afternoon with my nap, I'll let you know how I'm feeling."


Rondo's been messing with reporters like this all week, because he's a cool guy who understands that it's always funny to tweak the media.

Never let them change you, Rajon.


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