Randy Moss Announces He'd Like To Play Football Again In Saddest Videoconference Ever

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Football's chattering classes today have been busy dissecting Randy Moss's decision to (try to) return to the NFL at age 35. Moss has been away from the game for a year and a half, and all of the questions about him will certainly get answered in due time. The more pressing matter, though, might be the way in which Moss let the world know he planned to (try to) make a comeback: with a live stream on the Internet that was reportedly seen by just 200 people.

The broadcast, which Moss touted as having appeared on Moss TV, has not been archived. What you can find by going to the page for Moss's UStream account is a bunch of awkward videos of him trying to figure out how to use the technology. Needless to say, his NFL career has provided us with an archive of much better material.

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