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Well, we'll be: Raiders wide receiver Randy Moss has smoked pot since entering the NFL. We're shocked to find gambling in this establishment. Moss made the "admission" while being interviewed on HBO's "Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel."

Now. We have to say, we're not Dan LeBatard; we'll admit that our sympathies don't tend to immediately fall with the athlete in these situations. But, not to put too fine a point on it: Everybody should loosen the fuck up. Here's Moss' quote:

"Like I say ... I have used (marijuana) in the past. And every blue moon or every once in a while, I might. ... But as far as abusing it and, you know, letting it take control over me, I don't do that, no."


Now, we know Moss is a "role model," and all that crap people like Mike Lupica are always babbling about. But is there anything even slightly unreasonable about that statement? He has smoked pot, he has occassionally dabbled but rarely, it doesn't control his life. Find us a twentysomething who couldn't say the same thing.

It must be very frustrating for Moss to have the whole HBO piece be about his relationship with a child with leukemia and have the only thing people remember be the weed thing. You wonder why athletes hate the press? This is why.

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