Ranking The Best Logos In The Four Major Sports - Part II (The Not So Bad)

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Illustration: Eric Barrow

Ok, we did the Top 40 logos in the four major sports yesterday, now the middle of the road. And yesterday’s statement still applies, if you disagree with any of the rankings here, please know that you are wrong. So we did the Good, now we do...


41. Arizona Coyotes

Worse than the old peyote coyote, but still a good desert dog.

42. Colorado Avalanche 43. Arizona Diamondbacks 44. Los Angeles Angels

Take the letter “A” and make it your own! All three of these teams did well with the same basic idea.


45. Boston Red Sox 46. St. Louis Blues

The Red Sox and Blues both just said, “Yes, this is the thing that we are.”

47. Sacramento Kings

The basketball is unnecessary! The purple crown and the font are distinctive. There is no need for half of a gray basketball to make it the shape of some kind of shield. It’s still a sharp-looking logo, but it could be better.


48. Los Angeles Lakers

It’s a basketball with words on it. The words have motion lines for some reason. Points for longevity and a unique color combination.

49. Edmonton Oilers

There’s a difference between timeless and dated. The Oilers’ logo has become dated. They’ve made small changes several times over the years, but never abandoned the basic concept…which also sounds like how the team has been run as a whole for the last 25 years.


50. Milwaukee Bucks

The subject of one of the best tweets in the history of that cursed website. On its own, it would be a fine logo. It’s also the worst logo in Bucks history, by a longshot.


51. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 52. Buffalo Sabres


53. San Francisco Giants 54. New York Giants

Both are historical homages but not quite classic Giants logos. Both are kind of good but also kind of disappointing considering what they could be.


55. Charlotte Hornets

They brought the Hornets name back to Charlotte, but decided on a gritty reboot for the logo. Like most gritty reboots, it was a disappointing mistake.

56. Dallas Stars

The logo looks extremely good on the Stars’ beautiful green jerseys. The logo, on its own, isn’t much of anything. It’s tough when your name is the Stars and you play in the same city as a football team that isn’t named the Stars but has an extremely identifiable star as its logo.


57. Arizona Cardinals

There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s also generic to the point of not being sure if it’s an Arizona Cardinals logo or a Louisville Cardinals logo without checking.

58. Portland Trail Blazers

Why does this franchise continue to insist on incorporating words into its logo? The entire thing with a trail blaze is it’s a wordless symbol to show hikers the way to go. And the graphic element of this logo is unique and incredible. Stop mucking it up with wordmarks.


59. Buffalo Bills

It’s a bison that shoots lasers backward out of its eyes for some reason! Or it’s a superhero bison? Do they realize that buffalo and bison are different animals? Shouldn’t that have come up at some point in the last…ever? Also, it’s hard to believe that they’ve stuck with Buffalo Bills as the name for all these years. All that said, it looks alright.

60. Philadelphia Phillies

The Liberty Bell is a great choice to incorporate in the logo, but it’s oddly hard to read, and the stars that smartly dot the lowercase “i’s” completely disappear into the bell.


61. Washington Capitals

The original version of the Capitals’ logo was better. What is that nonsense font? At least the three stars are a nice nod to the D.C. flag, which would instantly be a Top 5 state flag, and should be allowed to become one, ahem.

62. Orlando Magic

You don’t always need words. In this case, a floating and sparkling basketball would look very cool. If it was just the word “MAGIC” over it, it would be pretty cool. Add “ORLANDO,” and, meh.


63. Carolina Hurricanes

A decent enough concept, but it doesn’t come off well. It looks like blood getting flushed down a toilet, which is intimidating and certainly a concept, but also not really “Carolina Hurricanes.”

64. San Diego Padres

Bring back the Swinging Friar, you cowards.

65. Minnesota Wild 66. New Orleans Pelicans

You can see where both of these logos started out as strong concepts—even for teams with very stupid names—but then too many people got involved in the design process. There’s way too much going on.


67. Cincinnati Bengals

They came up with a fine idea, spent 10 minutes on it, and called it a day.

68. Nashville Predators

It’s simultaneously too much and not enough. There’s a lot to like, but it doesn’t get all the way there. Maybe if the colors were swapped?


69. Colorado Rockies

It’s a perfectly nice logo with an interlocking “CR,” but the mountain logo with the flying baseball was a top-tier logo before they relegated it to secondary status.

70. Columbus Blue Jackets

The bug was cooler. The cannon would be a great nod to the team’s Civil War tribute name and to the actual cannon in the arena. This is a neat alternate logo, but that’s not how they use it.


71. Pittsburgh Pirates

It’s bright and bold, and the letter “P” stands for both Pittsburgh and Pirates, but the lack of black is an affront to Wiz Khalifa. And, also, this is incredibly boring.

72. Philadelphia Eagles

They tried to capture the energy of the Flyers logo and wound up with the best possible high school “Eagles” logo they could get.


73. Houston Rockets

There’s a very clear orbit theme going on. Does it work? No.

74. New York Knicks

Why is there a triangle? Why does it need to say New York? Every logo the Knicks ever had has been worse than the one before, which, while true to the Knicks experience… yeah.


75. Cleveland baseball

Good news: It’s not Chief Wahoo anymore. Bad news: It’s such a punt, it’s hard to believe they don’t share a stadium with the Browns anymore.

76. Ottawa Senators

The centurion looks bored and mildly annoyed—which does capture the spirit of Senators hockey, but doesn’t really make for an inspiring logo.


77. Tennessee Titans

It’s a meteor coming to destroy the planet? The colors are nice and the three stars are a tasteful nod to the Tennessee flag. The design is just a mess.

78. San Francisco 49ers

It’s remarkable that people were legitimately upset when the 49ers wanted to change their logo. They absolutely should change it, ideally to the Plaxico Burress tribute they had going before Plaxico Burress was even born.


79. Chicago White Sox

They’ve had worse logos. They’ve had better logos. They’ll have another logo eventually, too. This one has a certain biker vibe about it, but doesn’t do a whole lot, either.

80. Indianapolis Colts

The perfect logo for a team that could disappear from the NFL without anybody ever noticing. “Didn’t you guys used to have 32 teams?” “What? No, of course not. We’ve always had 31 teams.


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