Ranking The Best Logos In The Four Major Sports - Part III (The Ugly)

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After going through the best logos in the four major pro sports leagues, then the not-so-good logos of MLB, the NFL, the NBA, and the NHL, it’s time for Part III of the rankings. This is the hard part — to look at, anyway. It’s easy to rip them. Once again, if you disagree with any of the rankings here, please know that you are wrong. So we had The Good the Not so Bad now it’s time for…


81. Atlanta Falcons

You either see the “F” or you see the falcon. Or maybe you see neither. Or maybe now you’re seeing both for the first time. Adding the red flecks didn’t help anything.

82. Miami Dolphins 83. Florida Panthers 84. Miami Marlins

Why did every non-Heat team in Miami decide to downgrade from much better logos?

85. Los Angeles Kings

The font is hideous and without explanation, and the crown is much too small.

86. Baltimore Ravens

The letter “B” is much too large and ruins the whole thing, which is…a generic bird concept.


87. Detroit Lions

The Knicks of the NFL have gotten progressively worse with each of their seemingly minor logo tweaks over the last several decades. Stop it!

88. Tampa Bay Lightning

Strangely, the Lightning’s logos always have looked better with some kind of wordmark. Maybe it’s something about the way lightning bolts look—in this case, like The Flash meets the Toronto Maple Leafs.

89. Houston Texans

There’s a concept here of a bull, of Texas, of certain parts of human anatomy… all of it is a disaster.

90. Los Angeles Chargers

This is Donald Trump’s hairpiece.

91. Los Angeles Rams 92. Denver Broncos 93. New England Patriots


All of these teams had perfectly good logos that they decided to abandon in a quest to “’90s it up.” Well, congratulations, now you’re stuck in the ’90s forever—especially the Broncos and Patriots, who were dumb enough to win Super Bowls looking like chumps.

94. Detroit Pistons

Boring but functional.

95. Chicago Cubs

Who are the “UBS”? How is this not something that everyone has had a problem with for generations? The logo has changed a bit over the years, but except for spending World War II with a scary bear logo, they’ve pretty much been the UBS for a hundred years.


96. Washington Wizards

It’s a dumb circle, but they styled the Washington Monument into part of a basketball, and the striping within the circle is cool. But when they renamed themselves the Wizards, they committed to an ethos that is detached from this look. It’s still one notch ahead of the Circle Brigade…

97. Oakland A’s 98. Washington Nationals 99. Indiana Pacers 100. Philadelphia 76ers 101. Milwaukee Brewers 102. Seattle Mariners 103. Houston Astros 104. Texas Rangers 105. Denver Nuggets 106. Toronto Raptors 107. Minnesota Twins 108. Atlanta Hawks

These are all terrible. They’re not necessarily bad logos — the Brewers did a great thing by bringing back the ball and glove “MB” logo!—but they’re all, at best, sleeve patches. Special mention to the Nuggets and Raptors for having gone away from the rainbow skyline and an actual dinosaur dribbling a basketball for this dreck. Even worse, the Twins and Hawks identify themselves with the name of their respective sports in their logos. Everyone involved with making all of these the primary logos of these teams should move on from Intro To Graphic Design to at least an intermediate class.


109. New York Jets

This is even worse. Words…on a football shape…with a picture of a football. You could have an actual jet! Do something cool! Anything!

110. Cleveland Cavaliers

The entire franchise decided to become a funeral after LeBron left. Makes sense, but also makes for a garbage logo.


111. Brooklyn Nets

Still pretty sure Jay-Z was playing a practical joke with this, but nobody ever questioned it, it became the logo, and then it was impossible to do anything about it.

112. Vegas Golden Knights

What if the Ottawa Senators, but with no face, plus a color palette that suggests having fallen in a mud puddle? That should do it for the first major pro sports team in Las Vegas, right?


113. Vancouver Canucks

Keeping the Orca Bay logo, even after Orca Bay sold the team, is one of the weirdest decisions ever. Even if the Canucks want to stick with blue, green, and white—and maybe they should—bring back the flying skate logo!

114. Tampa Bay Rays

It’s seriously just the word “Rays.” It features sun rays and a ray’s tail. So it doesn’t clear up what kind of ray the team is supposed to be. Maybe both. Maybe also Ray’s Pizza. Famous, Original, and Famous Original. What a waste of time.


115. San Antonio Spurs

This could also be said for the Rays: get the rainbow palette back, then we’ll talk.

116. Anaheim Ducks

They’re not averse to using the Mighty Ducks logo, yet continue to insist on this webbed foot thing, which looks terrible and nobody enjoys. Why?


117. Oklahoma City Thunder 118. Los Angeles Clippers

Which one took less time to create? At least the Clippers, owned by Steve Ballmer, have an excuse for never leaving Microsoft Office once during the logo design process.

119. Cleveland Browns

They don’t even have a logo. It’s an orange helmet. Get a dog or something already.


120. Kansas City football


121. Atlanta baseball

Really racist.

122. Chicago hockey

Super racist.

123. Washington football

Get the fuck outta here already.