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Rasheed Wallace Cannot Be Made To Care

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After you pick up 16 technical fouls in one NBA season, each technical foul thereafter earns you a one-game suspension. You'll never guess who became the first player to be suspended via that rule ... oh, hell, I'll just tell you. 'Twas Rasheed Wallace.


You might expect Rasheed to be upset about the suspension, or to raise hell about the rule, or to say or do something inflammatory. Nope.

"It don't matter to me," Wallace said of the fine he'll draw. "They think suspending me one game, I'm losing all this money and this and that. Money ain't nothing to me for the simple fact I wasn't born with it. Just as fast as you get money, you can lose money. Money's not going to change my character, money's not going to change the person I am."

"We're still going to go out there and play Pistons basketball," he said. "We still got guys who can play. I ain't worried about [missing the game]."


He knows he can't play now, right? A suspension means you're forced to sit out one game. You're aware of this, Rasheed? Is this not troublesome to you? I guess I don't have a choice but to admire his brazen lack of respect for damn near anything.

Some dogs, you can yell at, and they'll change their behavior. Others, you have to whack them in the head with a newspaper. With Rasheed Wallace ... I don't know what David Stern has left. He may have to start equipping officials with cattle prods, and given them orders to zap Rasheed when he starts talking.

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