Photo via Morry Gash/AP

Top Kansas City Royals prospect RaĂșl MondesĂ­ was suspended for 50 games Thursday, after testing positive for the performance enhancing drug clenbuterol. According to MondesĂ­, an over-the-counter flu medication he ingested in the Dominican Republic caused the positive:

I took an over-the-counter medication [Subrox-C], which I bought in the Dominican Republic to treat cold and flu symptoms. I failed to read the labeling on the medication or consult with my trainer or team about taking it and did not know it contained a banned substance. I tested positive for that banned substance, with a minuscule amount of Clenbuterol in my system, which could not have possibly enhanced my performance on the field, and now must face the consequences of that mistake.

According to the New York Post’s Joel Sherman, the original suspension was for 80 games, but MLB and the MLBPA agreed to a reduction after Mondesí. showed evidence of the banned substance in the medication he says he took:


Correction: This post originally stated that RaĂșl MondesĂ­ Jr. tested positive for PEDs. It was actually RaĂșl A. MondesĂ­ that tested positive; RaĂșl MondesĂ­ Jr. is his brother, who was formerly in the Milwaukee Brewers system. Both are sons of former major leaguer RaĂșl MondesĂ­.