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Ravens Deny Giving Janay Rice A Script Before May Press Conference

The Baltimore Ravens have released a statement denying that they gave Janay Rice a script for the infamous May press conference in which she apologized for her role in getting knocked out by Ray Rice, as well as denying that they told either Janay or Ray that she should apologize.


The Ravens statement is in response to a couple of media appearances Janay Rice has made in the past week. On Friday, ESPN published a story by Rice (as told to Jemele Hill) where she wrote "I had already apologized to Ray, and I felt that I should take responsibility for what I did. Even though this followed the Ravens' suggested script, I owned my words." On Monday, Rice told the Today Show that the Ravens provided her and Ray Rice with a "general script" and suggested she apologize at the press conference. Later on in the interview, Rice said she only participated in the press conference at the Ravens urging.


The Ravens' statement (via WBAL) is below.

There has been some discussion in the media about the Ravens providing a 'script' or 'suggested script' to Janay and Ray Rice prior to a May 23 press session. After conversations with Ray about what he wanted to say, we did provide talking points to Ray for this event. ... Preparing talking points and briefings for meetings with reporters is common in our business. After Ray informed the Ravens that Janay wanted also to speak at the event, I asked Ray on two different days if Ray wanted me to speak with Janay in advance of the press session. Both times, Ray declined and said: 'She's good. She knows what she wants to say.' At no time prior to the May 23 session did we provide talking points, a script or suggested script to Janay or speak with her about the press event. We did not recommend or suggest to Ray or Janay that she apologize in any way.

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