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Ravens Player: Ray Rice Lied To Teammates, Has Lost Our Support

Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman has a column up that explores the possibility of the Ravens cutting or deactivating Ray Rice for the rest of the season. Within it is a quote from an anonymous Ravens player indicating that Rice may no longer have the support of his teammates.


From Freeman:

I can tell you this. I had a brief text conversation with a Ravens player I've known for some time who told me that the locker room before stood by Rice. Now?

"I don't think he has very much support now at all," the player texted. "I think it's gone."

The player added that one reason the locker room stood behind Rice was because Rice gave them the impression that he was defending himself from her (as ridiculous as the notion is of a weaponless, petite woman being a threat to a pro athlete). The video, the player said, betrays what Rice told players.


NFL players will overlook a lot—the fact that Rice claiming self-defense won the support of his teammates in the first place tells you all you need to know about that—but it looks like Rice may have done something that even they aren't willing to forgive.

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