If only one play could be said to define this scintillating NBA finals, it has to be Ray Allen's game-tying three-pointer from the right corner with 5.2 seconds to go to force overtime.

With the Heat's season hanging in the balance, Allen's shot was the culmination of a moment of delicious panic that played to perfection: LeBron James missed a three-pointer. Chris Bosh grabbed the rebound over Manu Ginobli. Bosh quickly tossed the ball to Allen. Allen knew he had to step back to get himself behind the arc.


First, watch the video:

But let's freeze the moment Allen lifted himself into the air to launch the ball over Tony Parker. These photos—some from AP, some from Getty, some from Twitter—tell the heart-pounding story of what Allen would later call "a shot that I'm going to remember for a long time":

Check out the faces of everyone in this incredible photo taken by Charles Trainor Jr. of the Miami Herald. The image ran this morning on the paper's front page: