Raymond Daniels Knocks Out Wilkes Barros With Spinning 720 Punch

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It was clear that Wilkes Barros was not ready to deal with the spinning strikes that Raymond Daniels delivered to him on Saturday at Bellator Birmingham. Because of this, Daniels decided to take advantage of his opponent’s shrinking confidence in the form of some violent trickery. After landing a spinning kick that knocked Barros on his ass just moments earlier, Daniels followed up with a spin where he feigned the kick, spun a second time and landed a strong right hand to his opponent’s chin. The strike led to an immediate knockout.

Here’s an additional replay in slow-motion for your viewing pleasure.

Daniels is no stranger to impressive knockouts. Back in 2014, he knocked out an opponent in kickboxing with a spinning kick to the head. But as far as these hits go, what makes this one particularly stands out is the fact that it came from a move that really hasn’t been seen before—though that’s probably because spinning twice against a more competent opponent would end pretty badly. Hopefully Daniels comes up with a creative name for this new move soon before some copycat gets around to naming it first.