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This is a story about Melvin H. Little, a Tampa Bay Rays $20,000-a-year season-ticket holder from way back when they still had Devil in their names, taking his two sons to a ballgame the other night. They had good seats, about 10 rows behind the plate. He sported a "Yankees Suck" T-shirt because, well, duh.


People loved it. Most people, that is. In the fourth inning, security descended. Melvin'll take it from here:

"The security guard says Major League Baseball has determined that the shirt constitutes profanity. He tells me to get another shirt, cover it up, turn it inside out or leave the stadium. I said, 'That's unbelievable,' and he says, 'I don't make rules, I'm just telling you.'" ...

On Monday, he wrote a letter to the team's owners and top management telling them step-by-step what happened at the May 16 game and asking them to review the dress code policy and make some changes. "Yankees Suck" is not obscene, offensive or indecent, he contended, which are terms to describe clothing that the fan handbook forbids.

Rays spokesman Rick Vaughn declined to comment on the T-shirt kerfuffle, though he has reviewed Little's letter. "We get tons of letters from fans all the time," was all he would say.


Because he's a prick.

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