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Rays Fans Spooked by Beer-Throwing Passion of Towel-Waving, Jovial Fanbase

I wasn't going to post this story today because, well, we covered the majority of Philadelphia fans' storied repulsiveness quite extensively in this post. However, I must comment on St. Petersburg Times' columnist John Romano's piece "Phils' fans live down to their reputation", which is just completely asinine. Romano goes a step further from the usual hackneyed Angryville fodder and adds this anecdote which apparently happened on Saturday night at Game 3 of the World Series:

Children were cursed at, and one 9-year-old boy had beer poured on him. A Rays family member stayed locked in a bathroom stall because, he said, Phillies fans were banging on the walls and threatening him.


Granted, this could have possibly happened with a few testy individuals, all hopped-up on being hard-asses and living up to a Philly reputation and all that, but, honestly, I find it hard to believe a Rays family member stayed locked in a bathroom stall because he was afraid the Phillies fans would maim him. What is this "The Strangers"? If they were banging on the door it's probably because he was taking too long, which is a common occurrence at any sporting event regardless of what jersey you're wearing. Just whip it out and rip it out, fella — you should know these rules by now. But, seriously, Romano, if these things did happen — and, look, I'm sure there's a sliver of truth somewhere in this story — you don't need to condemn the whole entire city for "condoning it" or "reveling in it. " It doesn't happen. If a kid gets beer poured on him, just go up to the security guard, point out who did it and then they get kicked out. Same as any other city, same as they would in any other public venue. If somebody really felt "threatened" while trying to . Don't act like security just shrugged their shoulders at these incidents because you know for a fact that didn't happen. Stop bitching about the fact that only 12 people were ejected Saturday night, as if by virtue of the five or six people you talked to, it should have been more like 10,000. Some of the Philadelphia fans are ruthlessly retarded when it comes to embracing a reputation that's perpetuated by columns like the one you just wrote. The majority of them are not. Now, go shit in your Rayhawk, you cowbell-clanging dickbag. World Series: Phils fans live down to their reputation [St. Petersburg Times] ***************** ANYWAY. Well, shutting this bitch down early today so I can go throw beer on Tampa Bay children. For the record, it's just me and my Dad, back in those fabulous 400-level seats we've had the past two nights. The penthouse view! But, you know, we're just doing father, son, Mitch Albom-y stuff and taking it all in. No Darien Street tailgate for this guy. If that thing that's supposed to happen happens tonight, then it'll get ugly in the witching hour on Broad Street. If so, the bulk of your publishing duties will be handled by our capable staff. I'll just pop in with a long rambling post, that'll even be more indecipherable than usual and may or may not include more Jessica Biel Jumbotron photos. (Biggest traffic draw of the day! Fuck man...why even try?) So this could all be over and we can all return to terrible normalcy as soon as it is. Then you won't have to hear a single peep about Philadelphia sports for, oh, a good three or four days. I'm nice like that. Watch Matt Sussman live-blog home the victory in the post above. If the Phillies lose, he gets shot in the face. Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. A special thank you goes out to John Yurkow, "a guy who awkwardly called you out on Pattison Avenue after Game Three and you graciously b.s. 'ed with me and my buddies for a couple of minutes." John, here's your shout out, buddy: This is John's roommate, by the way. He says hi. To the Septa lines, where hopefully I will not be randomly attacked with a hammer. John, hopefully we'll meet again on Broad Street later, but not for garbage can sex, as you suggested on Saturday night. Alright. If they win...maybe. YES US CAN. PHOTO:

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