Christmas is on Sunday, and while most public activity shuts down so the Christians and semi-Christians can worship American consumerism and baby Jesus, our nation's Jews will be eating Chinese food and watching hoops like it's just another Hanukkah weekend. What a world!

We at Deadspin‚ÄĒGentiles and Jews alike‚ÄĒfrequent a bar on the Bowery that we call "Chinese Fantastico." It's the perfect bar because it serves beers and General Tso's and also has a giant, out-of-date television with a half-broken screen above the entryway to the dining room, which means that it sometimes looks as if you're watching people eat instead of watching Monday Night Football, which is awkward.

But it's a great place.

Anyway, because we have Fantastico around, we feel compelled to help our loyal Jewish readers (or otherwise non-Christmassing readers) find the perfect Chinese restaurant/sports bar to satisfy all of their needs this Sunday. We're working on a list of our own, but we'd appreciate your help. Please leave your favorite local spots in the comments section, and we'll have a full directory up on the site this weekend.


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