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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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I recently become aware of something called the "NASCAR Library Collection." which sounded intriguing. So, what is it, a collection of books on the history of NASCAR, the sport's impact on society, and in-depth biographies of the sport's most interesting figures?

Working in conjunction with NASCAR, McLean, VA-based Starbridge Media Group has published the first of a series of NASCAR comic books with unique concepts, original characters and varied storylines. The books, which are branded NASCAR Comics, appeal to NASCAR's large and diverse fan base as well as traditional independent comic book consumers.



Well, I'm sure that's pretty good, too. There are many worthwhile tales to be told about Tony Stewart using his superpowered car to track down and kill the evil Toyotazilla, which had been terrorizing the innocent, domestic-car-buying citizens of American for far too long.


When it comes to literature, though, I'll still take NASCAR over horse racing.

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