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In New York City today, it is sunny, pleasant, warm, slightly overcast but mostly cheerful. We've got some good music on the stereo, a cool icy beverage at our desk and, overall, we're feeling all right about the planet and our place in it.

And then someone sends us some Barbaro slash fiction.

Because of the urgency of the situation, the lead doctor, having determined that Barbano could possibly take a turn for the worse and be gone within 48 hours, was faced with immense pressure to secure as much semen as possible within a short period of time. He called Susan into his office and told her that he wanted her to make sure she "harvested" Barbano's semen a minimum of twice a day and, if possible, three times.


Uh, yeah: The whole nasty not-safe-for-work-or-home-or-anyplace-with-oxygen document is right here. That's some repugnant shit.

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