The Reading Phillies are preparing to replace the playing surface at FirstEnergy Stadium, and of course they're going to remove the old grass as economically as possible: With rock bands and a demolition derby. Hey, the town's only rototiller is rented out that weekend.

Tribute bands Live Wire (AC/DC), Separate Ways (Journey), 2U (U2), Bad Medicine (Bon Jovi) and Draw the Line (Aerosmith) will play on Friday night, followed on Saturday by the The Smashin', Bashin', Field Trashin' Demolition Derby presented by Pabst, Rock Hits Y-102 and J & J Demolitions, which will take place right on the infield. At last, Toonces can drive with complete impunity.

If there is any grass remaining after that, Will Leitch will play a round of golf.

Kiss Your Grass Goodbye [Reading Phillies]