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Real American Fans Shut Out Of Real American Event Do Real American Thing And Sue

Somehow two silly displaced Super Bowl ticketholders and their eager lawyers managed to devise a lawsuit just as profoundly stupid as Dan Snyder's. They're seeking more than $5 million from the NFL, the Cowboys, and Jerry Jones personally. Why?

Take it away, Eagan Avenatti, LLP:

Most of the "Founders" fans, including but not limited to Plaintiff Dolabi, arrived at the stadium on Sunday to discover that Jones and the Cowboys had assigned them to seats with obstructed views and temporary metal fold out chairs, which had been installed in an effort to meet Jones' goal of breaking the attendance record. In addition, almost all of these seats lacked any reasonable view of the stadium's prized "video board," which Defendant Jones and the Cowboys routinely claim is the one of the most unique and best features of Cowboys Stadium.


Obstructed views of the field and the video board, plus ass-ache-inducing metal fold out chairs: is this $5 million in damages or just that night you saw a movie at the VFW?

Man, That Was Quick: The First Lawsuit Over Super Ticket Snafu at Cowboys Stadium [Dallas Observer]

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