Real Deer Burst Into Wisconsin Bar During Bucks Game, Prove Unworthy Of Anyone's Fear

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Shortly after the start of the Bucks' eventual Game 7 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, two genuine Wisconsin deer burst through the glass doors of the Stout Ale House restaurant in Menomonie, where patrons were watching the game. Video inside.

The first deer apparently hurt itself, bloodying its snout and becoming dazed, said Jay Ouellette, general manager of the Stout Ale House. Two customers were able to safely wrestle it to the ground.

The other deer fled into a private room. Cornered deer can be dangerous because they kick and bite, but a restaurant worker managed to wrestle that animal down as well, Ouellette said.

"I could tell it was starting to get a little anxious," he said. "There was definitely the possibility of injury."

For the deer.

Luckily, no humans were hurt in the short fracas, though it did cause several thousand dollars' worth of damages. All in all, the patrons made their "Fear the Deer" jokes and had a few chuckles afterward and enjoyed a good meal while watching their team lose by 21.


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