Drunkspinners grab your chalice. Unlike Stella's former tagline, there's nothing "reassuringly expensive" about this 4-chalice set. If anything it would be the opposite case were it not for a stack of great reviews. $35 gets you the 4 glasses, a bottle opener which you don't need, a Taste guide which you won't read, and a foam cutter which is actually pretty cool. Assuming you have no issue with the Stella (a former Deadspin beer of the week) branding, this is a great deal for a set of durable, great-looking chalices. [Stella Artois Star Chalice Set, $38]

"It's a beer to knock back after work with your tie loosened, when you don't really care what a beer costs, so long as it's not the cheapest on the menu, and you don't really care how it tastes, so long as it's crisp and unchallenging and possibly French, though who's to say what's from where in this crazy mixed-up world of ours."

We've been seeing a lot of great external battery deals lately, but grabbing 12000 mAh for $28 in a slim form factor is still a standout. Dual ports and 2.1A output present and accounted for. [Mpow 12000mAh, $28 with code PO12MPOW]

If you're cool with refurb, and you should be because it's a great way to save money, we've got some Xbox Ones for you.





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