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Recently Owned Jeff Green Pays It Forward To Harmless, Helpless Dragan Bender

Tuesday night Jeff Green was on the very wrong end of a highlight when he stumbled brutally in isolation defense while guarding Lance Stephenson in a Wizards loss to the Lakers. Green may have been unfairly victimized by Stephenson accidentally stepping on his toes mid-sequence, but that will not make Green feel much better about giving up the bucket and enduring Stephenson and the rest of the assembled Lakers dance euphorically over his grave. What will make him feel better, however, is paying the humiliation forward, plus interest, by dunking poor Dragan Bender into the land of wind and ghosts:

At this point in his career, putting Dragan Bender on the wrong end of an NBA highlight almost qualifies as bullying. Bender could shift this awful burden onto a new victim if he were remotely capable of doing anything cool on a basketball court. Sadly, he is a recent lottery pick of the Phoenix Suns, so that is entirely out of the question.

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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