Red Sox Ball Girl Fields Fair Ball, Immediately Regrets It

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In the top of the fourth inning last night in Boston, Eric Hosmer hit one on the screws down the first base line and an overeager ball girl scooped up the obviously fair ball. Her reaction is so great.

For a half-beat she's getting ready to throw the ball to a lucky fan and then it hits her. She drops the ball and tries to put as much distance between her and it as possible (which is not much). What? Me? No. No, I didn't touch it. Look, it's still right there, totally untouched by me. Then she looks like she'd rather be anywhere in the world than Fenway.


The ball was likely going to hit the wall that juts out just behind her, between Pedroia at second and Nava in right field, so Hosmer may have gotten to second without the ball girl's help. Although, you never know what kind of crazy bounces may happen out there. Omar Infante moved to third and both men later scored on consecutive singles from Salvador Perez and Alex Gordon, but the Red Sox came back to win 5-4.


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