Red Sox Fan Accused Of Trying To Frame The Left With Very Lame Anti-Trump Graffiti

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A Connecticut man wearing a Red Sox shirt was caught on camera defacing signs at a school playground with anti-Trump graffiti in June—but after being caught, he admitted to police he supported Trump and was trying to make the “Left” look bad.

This is a wonderful example of exerting too much effort for minimal gain by 32-year-old Steven Marks. From the Hartford Courant, which also has the security footage of Marks riding his bike and drawing on the sign:

Marks told police on June 19 he vandalized the property “out of ‘anger towards liberals and they are breaking major laws everyday and being disrespectful towards our government,’” according to the warrant for his arrest. He told police it was his hope that the vandalism would appear to have been done by the “Left.”

In the arrest warrant, West Hartford Police Officer Dante Ursini said Morley Elementary School Principal Ryan Cleary on June 16 said “students informed him that there were ‘swear’ words written on the playground equipment.”

Some of the writings said “Kill Trump,” “Left is the best,” “Bernie Sanders 2020" and “Death to Trump” and were written on the playground welcome sign, a tan piece of of playground equipment, a yellow concrete barrier pole, a playground bench and on a “Little Free Library” located on the playground.


“Left is the best” is an impressively anemic piece of vandalism, given that actual slogan options for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee included “I mean, have you seen the other guys?” Regardless of the quality of the graffiti, Marks regrets his actions, as he told the Courant in an interview last week:

“On the record. I want to say I’m sorry,” Marks said. “It was a stupid decision. I hope nobody wants to do the same because it’s wrong. I’m sorry.”


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