Redesigned Madison Square Garden Will Let Bankers Leer At Jocks Through Glass

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Madison Square Garden, lest we forget, is undergoing some celebratory renovations this summer. They're ripping out the purple cushioning and replacing it with — well, probably with more purple cushioning. But the more adventurous redesigns are truly visionary. And also kind of creepy.

To begin, there are the spectator bridgesalready immortalized by MSG President Hank Ratner, who declared late last year that the addition will "take it up a notch — because you're on bridges." Touché.

And now, in addition to the special time-lapse video the Post has put together that actually suggests that real construction is under way over on 34th Street, we can delight in the absurdity of the Garden's "Delta SKY360 Club." The premise is simple: fans like getting closer to athletes. The reality is weirder: rich fans will now have the opportunity to observe athletes through a glass partition as they make their way to and from the locker room. It's just like a more expensive version of the zoo! Only with humans:

The area in the arena is called the Delta SKY360 Club and fans can watch the Knicks and Rangers go from their locker rooms onto the court and ice before they go to their seats. Those fans can also watch through the glass to see what is going on in the MSG studio.

There are 800 season ticket holders (sold separately for Knicks and Rangers fans) that have access to the club and they pay an undisclosed amount for the all-inclusive tickets, which include a seat just above the floor, food and non-alcoholic drinks.


This might just be the latest development in sports voyeurism: even more voyeurism. The Cowboys have their own version of the athlete-catwalk, but in Dallas, the players are surrounded by smoke and flashing cameras instead of glass. At least in the Garden, though, the "woos" will be slightly muffled.

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