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• The Redskins front 7 is playing very well, keeping Cadillac Williams in check. In essence, they're putting the game into the hands of Chris Simms.
• Tampa Bay gets on the board with a Matt Bryant FG, making the score 14-3 Redskins. This leads to the positively infuriating "Score, Commercial, Kickoff, Commercial" progression, which is followed by one play, an injury, and another commercial. Sometimes, I miss soccer.
• DON CHEADLE COMMERCIAL. Man, I love these. There might not be anyone in the universe cooler than Don Cheadle. This almost offseats the brutality of Paul Maguire. Whoever it was in the NFL offices that made the decision to hire Don Cheadle deserves a raise.
• John Hall hits a 47-yarder to push the lead back to 14. The game has settled down a little bit. Both teams are moving the ball, and Chris Simms is looking pretty sharp.
• Hey, be sure to tune in at halftime for the announcement of the Pro Bowl starters, because you need to know a month in advance who's starting in a game that you care absolutely nothing about.
• Chris Simms finishes the half 16-of-19. That's the good news, Bucs fans. The bad news is that the Bucs trail 17-3 at the half.