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• Mike Patrick just said the words, "An exciting muff."

• Redskins come up huge on a 4th and 1. They blitz like hell, something they haven't been doing a lot of, and force Chris Simms to lob up a prayer that turned out to be incomplete. Great call by Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, though I think Coach Janky Spanky could've come up with something even better.

• "Look at this defense, watch 'em penetrate the line of scrimmage. BANG! I mean— They just— Uh— All I can say is the penetration. They're penetratin'." - Paul Maguire.

• This is turning into one hell of an exciting game. Brian Kelly makes an exceptional interception, Chris Simms hits Edell Shepherd with a great pass, but he can't quite hang on to it, which ends up costing the Bucs a challenge and their last time out. Redskins take possession with 2:48 to play.

• I think we just saw a 14-yard-punt in an NFL playoff game. I said this was exciting. I didn't mention anything about it being particularly well-played.


• Oh, man. And this one's going to end with another interception and a tipped pass. Say what you want about the Redskins performance today; it wasn't an offensive masterpiece. But it was a road playoff win, and under any circumstances, that's impressive.