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• Twenty-seven straight days of rain in Seattle? That's just disgusting. The Seahawks better win, because between the rain and the presence of Tony Siragusa, half of the city's population is probably already on suicide watch.

• Shaun Alexander lets go of the football for no particular reason (just his second lost fumble of the year, which is remarkable), and the Redskins recover in their own red zone. Nice break for the 'Skins.

• Hey, thanks to Tony Siragusa for that demonstration of dunking a football in a bucket of water, because that would've been really difficult to understand without visual aids. Did you know that when you immerse a football in water it gets wet? It's these subtle nuances that make Tony Siragusa special.

• Like pretty much every other playoff game that's been played to this point, we're very much in the midst of a "feeling-out" period here. Since Seattle's first drive ended with a fumble, there's been very little. It's kinda like the parts of Showgirls where no one is naked.

• Six straight three-and-outs. It's all defense. This is not awesome.

• Shaun Alexander has just suffered a Dwight Schrute-like concussion, and his return is questionable.