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• Hey, a 52-yard gain by the Redskins. All on one play. They are serious about cracking that 200-yard barrier today.

• Touchdown Redskins! Of course, they can't score without the ball bouncing off of a Seahawk first, but beggars can't be choosers, can they? 17-10 Seahawks, and after a long Chris Cooley completion and a Mark Brunell forced pass into traffic, the game seems like it might have a pulse again. Whaddaya know?

• And Seattle immediately coughs up the kickoff return. The Redskins pounce on it. This is incredible. Somewhere, Cowboys safety Roy Williams is sitting on a coach and saying, "Yeah, I know what this feels like."

• Ooomph. John Hall misses a 36-yard field goal, and in essence collects all of the momentum that the Redskins had acquired, and then forcefully shoves it back into the mustache of Mike Holmgren. But the lead is only 7, so if they can get a quick stop here—

• They can't. Mack Strong rips off about a 30-yarder, putting Seattle easily in field goal range with about 4:00 to play. It would take a huge meltdown for Seattle to blow this one.


• You know, I've enjoyed the work of Dick Stockton and Moose Johnston today. I just thought I should mention it.

• Seattle kicker Josh Brown hits from 31 yards, making the score 20-10, and making Seattle the location of the upcoming NFC Championship game. 2:54 remains, and the Redskins need two scores.

• The Redskins threaten a bit in the last two minutes, but it's just for show. It's over, and it's been a pretty efficient performance from the Seahawks. They took what they defense gave them, they overcame some injuries, and they beat a pretty solid team.