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Reggie Bush Might Beat Your Ass In A Mall

The fine folks at TMZ, after months of accosting celebrities as they drunkenly walked out of clubs, finally had their breakthrough last week with the Mel Gibson "sugar tits" story, which not only horrified Jews and Gentiles alike, but also ruined a classic pickup line forever. They're all over the place now, and good for TMZ.

Well, now they're setting their scopes on the sports world, and they're reporting today that Saints rookie running back Reggie Bush might have been involved in a beatdown of maybe-current-girlfriend Nia Long's ex. (Whew. Long identifier.) Last month, a man with Long pounded her ex, Massai Z. Dorsey (whoever the hell that is) right in the middle of a Los Angeles mall. And now TMZ is saying it was Reggie Bush.


Though, after the incessant ESPN Mobile commercials of the last month — still an improvement over the "crazed stalker guy" — maybe Dorsey was just going to draft Larry Johnson.

Could Is Be Nia Long And Reggie Bush? [TMZ]

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