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We have to say, if this site โ€” or the Internet, for that matter โ€” had existed during Reggie Jackson's heyday as a player, we think maybe 30 percent of the posts would have been about him. As a Hall of Fame player, he was fascinating, but now that he's retired, he's becoming one of our favorite crazy old coots.

Back in October, Reggie was a guest on AOL's Sports Bloggers Live and was borderline insane, in an endlessly amusing way. But yesterday, Reggie was on the show again. Host Jamie Mottram asked Reggie about his reaction to "Game Of Shadows" and the accusations against Gary Sheffield. Jackson's response was, uh, unique:

"I really don't know what the reaction is going to be, but it's like dead fish or dead animals with buzzards hanging around it. It seems like the carcass seems to get larger and the birds keep circling more and you start to see the problems and the dead people from a distance now when you see them circling in the sky. It's now getting to the point to where it's obviously nationwide. The circle gets bigger. The vultures get larger. And then the dead things start smelling. So it's not pretty."

You can hear the full glimpse into the dark mind of Reggie, if you're up for such a journey.

Reggie Sees Dead People [Mr. Irrelevant]