Regrettably, Justin Herbert got a haircut

Justin Herbert’s flowing coiffure — gone too soon.
Justin Herbert’s flowing coiffure — gone too soon.
Photo: (Getty Images)

If you thought Justin Herbert looked like a preadolescent before, wait until you see his new ‘do.


Oh. Oh no.

Herbert… what have you done? I know it gets hot in Southern California, but it’s only 63 degrees right now in Los Angeles as I write this. Even if you were hot, you didn’t have to go full Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite and shave it all off. Put it up in a bun, wear a sleeveless shirt, anything but this. I’m crying for the luscious locks you once possessed. The flow was strong with this one.

Why’d you gotta go all 2007 Britney on us?

Ah, the before times — back when his golden locks were the talk of the combine, along with his ability to throw a football 70 yards flat-footed.

Listen, I love Justin Herbert. I’m an Oregon guy, and a lifelong Ducks fan. I’ve been watching Herbert play since he was in high school in Eugene, and continued to watch him, and his hair, progress all the way through his University of Oregon career. I don’t want to beat up on the guy, but man.

Maybe this was a superstition thing? Maybe he’s trying to turn the tide and win a few games? I don’t know. Here’s hoping the change in hair doesn’t change his play, because he’s been absolutely incredible in real life and in fantasy football alike.