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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

With all this focus on the unimaginably dumb scandal that has swallowed the brains of the stupids in the sports world, it's good to remember that there was once a time when people were justifiably shocked at behavior during a sporting event. Like the time Manchester United great Eric Cantona jumped into the stands and ran at, jump kicked, and punched a heckling fan in the middle of a game.


The notorious Cantona Kick game occurred 20 years ago this Sunday. It remains the most hilariously insane moment to have ever happened in such a high-profile sporting event, topping even Luis Suárez's bite during this past World Cup and the NBA's Malice at the Palace.

The British press naturally has a few retrospectives. The Mirror has collated some anecdotes from those in attendance both on the pitch and in the stands. They also dug up their front page from the day:

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Here's some old BBC coverage from the next day, which puts the act and Cantona's larger tendency for scummy behavior in some context:

The BBC has even more quotes from those involved in the event and its aftermath, including when Cantona and United's head of security sat together in a prison cell and laughed about the whole thing while eating McDonald's that a guard had picked up for them.

You should really check it all out, as both a reminder of one of the most fascinating sports moments of all time and as a convenient distraction from the stupidity of what passes for a scandal today.

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