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Reminding You Once Again: The NLCS Is On

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We didn't think we were doing a very good job of hiding this, but some of you still wondered, so we'll make it as plainly obvious as we possibly can: We are rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals. As you might have guessed from the Reggie Miller corn maze item earlier today, we are from America's Heartland, a place of endless fields and chubby cows. We will be sitting in front of our television tonight wearing all red, calling our dad back in Illinois any time David Eckstein so much as coughs. It's what we do.


So we are amused again that, because of what Angels fans are saying is the game where, the liar behind the plate makes his Vegas bookie happy", the NLCS is taking a back seat to whatever's going on in the American League. (Remember, last year's NLCS was perhaps the best series of our lifetime. Hope you caught some of it on f/x.) Tonight's game, featuring Mark Mulder and Roy Oswalt, has Cardinals bloggers giddy and some Astros bloggers wondering if their team was on valium last night.

We'll know very quickly if the Cardinals can take a 2-0 lead and make this series even quieter, or the Astros go back to Dick Cheney field all split up and rocking. No matter what, rest assured, we'll be watching the whole game under the coffee table, shaking. Playoff baseball is scary.

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