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It was the ancient Greeks who brought us the sport that would become modern competitive wrestling, and if we've learned anything from the Greeks, it's this: One man's wrestling move is another man's anal sex. In a story we're a little behind late in reporting from Sioux Falls, S.D., a high school wrestler is in trouble for inserting his finger where fingers don't belong.

In recently released court papers some of Jerome Hunt's teammates on the Parker High wrestling team allege digital penetration of the rectum through their clothing or attempted digital penetration through their clothing. Garretson High wrestlers demonstrated the move 'skinning', also called the 'butt drag'. Coach Jay Swatek says, "There's nothing in the rule book as far as how the move is performed. It's just a simple break-down that's been developed over time....We just hook our fist just so it gets the wrist bone exposed a little easier then we can hook that tail bone. We're not trying to grab anything or hook anything else."


Because this is South Dakota, Hunt may face rape charges. It should also be noted that the incidents in question occurred during team practices, and on the team bus. What happened to just listening to your I-Pod?

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