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Rent Dennis Rodman For All Your Parties And Bar Mitzvahs

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Anyone who discovered our little site here in the last two years — as opposed to being one of those sorry souls who were here at the very beginning — might not know about Darren Prince. Prince, famously, is Dennis Rodman's lawyer, who took exception with our coverage of Rodman's first book signing, and blasted us with a rather intense Blackberry-tapped email.


Our favorite part, to this day:

How pathetic are you or maybe financially compared to Dennis how broke are you or sexually you probably have not had the amount of women your whole life that Dennis has had just in the past year.


Well, as much as we love Rodman, he's apparently having some "financially pathetic" times. He will now literally do whatever you ask for money.

Instead of joining a VH1 reality show, he's pimping himself out via this ghetto website. Here are some of the a la carte options:
* Game of HORSE - $100
* Game of PIG - $70
* Ride down Michigan Avenue on the back of his Harley - $80 (BARGAIN!)
* Tattoo consulting - $80
* Consulting on how to pick up chicks that will "yield panty-dropping results" - $125.

The site is right here. We'd pay him $100 to write a post on this here site. That's surely better exposure than playing HORSE, right? (Though having PIG be cheaper than HORSE is kind of brilliant.

Rent Rodman

(UPDATE: Congratulations to Thrillist Chicago: This is an April Fools Day site, and they punked us. Color us impressed. Good work, gentlemen.)

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